where to buy scotch guard for tokidoki bags?

  1. I've searched around in stores and can't seem to find it. unless i'm looking for the wrong thing, do any of you know where to get it or maybe link me to a website to buy it? thanks.
  2. I got mine at Target.
  3. albertsons for me
  4. Free from my parents garage. *lol*
  5. walmart has the scotchguard for fabric in their fabric section. it works great
  6. Any grocery store, drug store or Target/Wal-Mart-type store should have it. Generally with the cleaning or laundry products.
  7. Yup, Target is where I got mine. It was down the aisle w/the lysol wipes and things like that. I never would've found it if I was by myself.
  8. ^^Yeah, that link to Scotchgard's site lists places that sell it. I was going to post that :p
  9. thanks for the help guys.. i really appreciate it! im going to get it right away tomorrow for my tokidokis