Where to buy saddlesoap?

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  1. Argh. I stopped at Walmart on the way to home to see if I could find saddlesoap to clean a teeny tiny color transfer off my Chanel.

    30 minutes later I was in a really bad mood. First I asked for help and they pointed me to the furniture cleaner isle. Then i asked again and they sent me to the automotive cleaner isle. :upsidedown:

    Can someone tell me what store I can go to exactly to get saddlesoap.
    I am SO over Walmart

    And is the name of the brand "saddlesoap" or is that the name of the product.

  2. I got it in the supermarket in the aisle with the shoe polish! It is in the same section as shoe polish and it is by Kiwi. Kiwi saddlesoap, in a round tub.

  3. Ahh. With the shoepolish. I never thought to look there.
    I will try again tomorrow. But not at Walmart. LOL:lol:

    Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by that store
  4. I love my local Walmart. It's my guilty pleasure, LOL!
    Walmart and a designer handbag.

  5. Maybe I just need more patience. I love Walmart for the prices and good deals but the crowd urks me. Its always crowded. Like always. People bumping into you and children yelling. :Push:
  6. Yes, to all that - crowds, bumping and children yelling. I try to ignore it, but it isn't always easy.
  7. Saddlesoap works great to remove transfer from caviar but if its a cambon bag, be careful, i heard it can sometimes remove a little color from the actual bag. Keep us posted.

  8. Oh shoot. Really?

    maybe I should try something else then. Its a white cambon bag and I really don't want to ruin it. I can live with the tiny spot if i have to
  9. No offense, but Wal-Mart is evil. I prefer Target.
  10. Ditto to that!!! :censor:
  11. I got my saddle soap at Rite Aid in the shoe polish dept.
  12. totally agree!!
  13. Omg, No Walmart For Me. Can You Believe They Even Have Them Here In Europe, Omg.
  14. ^^^OK, Now all you guys show up. my fellow Wal-mart haters.

    Where were you when I was out here all alone. LOL :lol:

    They have Walmart in Europe???:upsidedown:
  15. Ahhhh. I finally bought my saddlesoap. Now we'll see if it can get the small color transfer off.:tender:

    Stay tuned......

    I didnt go back to Walmart by the way. Went to Walgreens and was in and out in 5 minutes. :yes: