Where to buy Roger Vivier shoes?

  1. did anyone hear about rogervivierflats.com? I saw it pops out from google search, are they real or fake shoes?
  2. probably fake.
  3. I think fake. If Roger Vivier were going to sell directly, they'd probably do it on their official website: rogervivier.com
  4. HI. I love Roger Vivier as well, gorgeous shoes!!!! they have a Roger Vivier flagship boutique in New York City on Madison Avenue in the east 60's. A beautiful little jewel box of a shop with the most divine Viviers for sale! You should be able to find them on a Google search. I pass by the shop all the time and I drool!!!!!
  5. Hi, I love Roger Vivier also... I'm a big fan of their Gomma Ballerina flats and their Chips sandals for summer.

    There are two Roger Vivier boutiques in the U.S. One is in New York City (Madison and 65th) and the other is in Bal Harbour Shops (Miami Beach). Of the two, the Bal Harbour store is by far better than the New York store. The sales people are very friendly, and if you are out of town, they will send you pictures of the shoes and ship directly to you. They also have a consignment program where you can choose a few shoes (I have chosen up to 4 at one time), they will ship it to you with a pre-authorized credit card, and they will only charge you for the ones you want. Shipping back to them is pre-paid as well... it's a great system. New York does that too, but I feel I have to beg for them to send me pictures vs. at Bal Harbour, they are more than happy to send you what you ask for and then some extras (I hope that makes sense).

    You can also get Roger Vivier in New York at Bergdorf and Saks, but the selection is limited.

    For spring, since there was a question on Roger Vivier sandals, here are pictures of two sandals I purchased this season. I love them both. The black patent sandal is a classic, while the beige sandal is new look for spring. Goes great with colored skinny jeans.

    Hope this was helpful.

    Thong Chips T.05 Black Patent with Rose Gold Buckle.jpg

    Thong Chips ochre leather.jpg
  6. Jeffrey ATL has a limited selection of RV:O)
  7. willeyi Thank you! I ordered two pairs from Bal Harbour store and couldn't be happier! You are the best!:hbeat:
  8. :ty:Will call Bal Harbour ASAP!!!:p
  9. I am SO glad you got some shoes and super glad you are another Roger Vivier lover! What shoes did you get? Can you describe or post pictures? I would love to see!

    I can't wait until spring to wear my sandals!
  10. Yes, I'm RV lover all the way.:biggrin: Thank you again!
    I bought red patent Gomette ballerinas and Dec. Chips T65 pelle suede. The SA Luis is the nicest person ever. He sent me photos of their inventory, that was really above and beyond my expectations.

    Ouch, the pictures are huge :amazed:
    Gommette red patent.jpg Dec. Chips T.65 pelle suede.jpg
  11. Oh... they sound beautiful! And yes, Luis is fabulous and very helpful with the pics. Forgot to tell you, now that you have bought from them, they should add you to their mailing list for events and I was told a new catalog should be in the mail soon (but we probably have all the pictures already!).

    Oh... just saw the pics (weird how I did not see them before). The shoes are gorgeous... I love both. By the way, very eery, but I buy the 65mm also! The 85mm are a big too high for me.
  12. Thank you! :flowers: I was looking for red gommetes and missed them on mytheresa.com, they were sold out almost immediately in my size.

    85mm is too high for me also.
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    Ok... one last reply... now you have me thinking about the red... here is a very chic look that I love. I have been thinking about getting a red for a while but thought it might be too much for me. But now you have inspired me, I am rethinking.

    Take a look at this picture. I love it. You would look totally amazing in a similar outfit with your new red gommettes.

    Well dang... I cannot figure out how to upload a .gif file. It only takes .pdf files. Anyway, the photo is of Ines wearing a striped sailor top (hers has a hood), some loose cropped jeans, and red patent RV ballets! It is a very nice look.
  14. willeyi I think these red patent ballerinas will be great with any monochrome colored oufit (white, beige, gray, and so on) or tailored shirt/simple skirt or cropped pants in classic colors - as well. Red shoes is a lovely accent, and you can't go wrong with RV :yes:
  15. hi anyone has the SA number???? can anyone post it??thanks......