Where to buy reputable Coach eyeglasses online?

  1. I'm bored with my Chanel's so I want another pair to swap in and out so I thought about maybe looking at Coach. I can't find anywhere local that sells them so I was wondering about online. I checked eBay and there are not any I really like. TIA. :yes:
  2. In all honesty, I really wouldn't know... but I just thought I'd bump this up for ya!

    Good Luck!

  3. lol...I don't know but would like to so, i'm bumping this up again!
  4. What about calling Coach and finding out what stores are authorized to sell coach?
  5. framesdirect.com has the best selection and good prices. I've not ordered from them, but they have good recommendations on their site.
  6. Wow! They have tons! the only problem is that they only show them in 1 color -- can't see the other available colors...