Where to buy real prada???

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  1. Well I have done some research over the past week and found that Prada and eBay DO NOT match... so my loving husband has told me to find a trusted place on the net and he will buy me that bag I am wishing for, br2613, when he gets home today. I have found on on elleluxury dot com...I am having a hard time finding out whether they are truly an authorized seller. I have found a few others too. But do you all know some places to find REAL prada on the web? I know I read it somewhere this week but I forgot to bookmark it. Thanks! I will be the happiest house frau in the world when I get this bag!!! I never thought I would be into a purse this much. Lol... looking forward to hearing from you!!!

    thanks! Emily
  2. would it help if I posted the link?


    they seem like a legitimate retailer... what do you purse ladies think? Have you bought from them ever?

  3. Fake. Try eluxury, bluefly, net-a-porter, neimanmarcus or bergdorfgoodman.
  4. Like the poster above me stated, try Neiman Marcus, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, etc. eBay is a crapshoot, but you can always post the link to the auction in the "Authenticate this Prada/Miu Miu" thread at the top of this subforum and have one of the many great Prada experts here help you out :yes:
  5. .closing.
Thread Status:
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