Where to buy professional cocktail dress?

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  1. I am currently a law student and am starting my professional wardrobe... I am already preparing for the recruitment and interviews taking place next year. I only have sexy dresses for nights out, not too appropriate for professional cocktails.

    I am a size 0 and I am a D cup, so it's not always easy finding brands that fit my body type, I often stick to the same brands.

    I don't mind spending a little more on classic styles that will last me for a while, but ideally I would like to spend less than $500 or $1000... I am thinking about pencil dresses but am also open to other suggestions.

    What are your favorite brands?
  2. Theory has good dresses suitable for work!
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  3. With sales going on right now you can easily pick up a cocktail dress for work in your price range - check out farfetch.com. I like Alexander McQueen, Jason Wu, Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret and believe it or not, Dolce and Gabbana. I think for work functions, cocktail dresses should never be short (to or just past the knees), specially if they're fitted. It will never look dowdy if the dress fits properly.
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  4. Check out the site Net-a-Porter. There will be a heading for clothing, dresses,cocktail dresses. They have gorgeous, classic designers and styles. DVF makes some lovely, sophisticated cocktail dresses. Theia and Lela Rose are a few others.
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  5. Thank you so much for the great suggestions! :smile: I will start checking out the websites.

    Would really appreciate it if anybody have any more recommendations!
  6. I swear by hugo boss work wear. They have dresses, separates and suits that work well in finance and legal professions. You may need to alter, but it'll be worth it as you will be dressing the part of a professional women on her way up. Nordstrom carries them and offers tailoring if you have their card, or else I believe its free if you buy full price?
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  7. I second Hugo Boss for women - It is the best. I have too many clothes but I always reach for Hugo Boss for work when I need to look good but need to do serious work. Fabrics are functional and cuts are flattering. I have a black work dress from Hugo Boss and the material has a bit of stretch for comfort, wicks moisture, drapes well and doesn't "cling", doesn't wrinkle as much and doesn't catch lint or white specks easily - all important aspects I need in a dress.

    Theory is good too but I found the fabric not as good as Hugo Boss, but Theory is still up there in great fabric too.
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  8. Quick update :

    I finally visited a Hugo Boss store and never looked back since. Everything is so nice and fits so well, I still cannot believe how incredible their clothes look on me. Hug my body so well but look so professional at the same time ! I was surprised the alterations needed were very minor... I spent a little fortune on two suits (one navy one charcoal), I bought the pants and skirt that goes with the blazer, a dress, a shirt, belt... I think I'm pretty much set for a while. Just need a new trench coat and a handbag or brief case if anyone has recommendations... :smile:

    My first suit was from Theory but ever since I tried Boss I don't really want to wear my Theory suit anymore...

    I tried some dresses at Theory but they didn't fit well
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  9. Theory doesn't fit me that well either, my "starter suits" when I left business school were Theory because I didn't know any better.

    Congrats on law school by the way! And good luck with recruitment. Do you know what type of law you'd like to get into? My job involves a lot of negotiating so I work with lawyers all the time.
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  10. I actually like Dillards for stuff like this; Antonio Melani and Vince Camuto especially. And they're not super pricey.

    ETA: Congrats on law school! I'm an attorney and have worn numerous AM or VC dresses to school functions and work. Good luck! I'm a 2 and a D/DD so I feel your pain. These designers tend to work for me.
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  11. Sometimes Vince has basics that work well
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  12. So happy you not only like them, but that they fit you so well!

    Burberry always makes a classic trench. And since you're dressed so chic, I'd suggest an LV epi black briefcase.
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  13. I love MaxMara dresses but consider them more work/day wear than cocktail. Not sure if it'll be a good fit but it's worth checking out CH Carolina Herrera. It's Carolina Herrera's more affordable line but I have dresses from both and I find the quality comparable. Runs small. They have a store at the Woodbury NY outlet
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    Thank you so much!! :smile: I am very interested in business law, well also because I'm not really sure what type of law exactly I want to practice and the only firms that have the money to advertise on campus are the large business law firms so we only hear about them. Family and criminal law is also interesting but I don't think the lifestyle is for me...

    I have some third-year classmates who were hired at big firms and from what they told me, I have the marks and the extracurriculars. Just need to prepare some answers to questions during the winter break and I should be set :smile: Interviews will take place in March but there's a lot of firm tours and cocktails during the year, so happy I have my outfits and love how confident I feel wearing them !

    That's amazing so you're also in business !! :smile: Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat some more !

    Omg your dog is soooo cute by the way! :heart:
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  15. Wow so many great suggestions !! Thank you so much everyone!! :biggrin: