where to buy product?

  1. my aunt is visiting the states in a few months, and i have a hate for patina, what is the best product to avoid this and where can she buy it from? thanks fo your help
  2. There are so many past threads on this...learning how to use the search would be very helpful. Just a suggestion.
  3. i know how to use the search tool, but i was convinced with SM and due to the recent drama i have second thoughts about it (thanx for the tip:amuse:)
  4. Oh, well...search for "Apple Garde" or other common spellings of it and you'll find plenty of user input on that item :smile: Better to access the info yourself than to wait for people who might or might not reply, ya know? This way you won't miss anything and will be more confident in using the product!
  5. yeah ur right imm do a search now! i just found this site:http://www.applepolishes.com/applepolishes/dealers/default.asp it has a list of the shops that sell the products, can you tell me which is easiest to find? i dont want to send my aunt on a wild goose chase around america for a can of applegarde! i know shes going to LA, NY, Vegas, San Fansisco, niagra Falls and the grand canyon (sorry i dont know what states they are in i dont know much about USA)
  6. yeah i got it but she doesnt live in the states to i cant order it i need a store for her to pick it up from thanks for your help though!!! ;)
  7. if she's going to LA (as in los angeles, california), there are quite a few stores that carry it per the applepolishes.com website.
    las vegas is in nevada; there is a "burlington coat" factory store that she could probably go to.
    and the grand canyon is in arizona, but imo it would probably be easier for her to pick up the stuff in LA or vegas.
    hope this helps in some way.
  8. thanks its narrowing it down so good!!!