where to buy pods?

  1. I have searched evrywhere on tPF and google and can't figure it out:confused1:
  2. thanks so much!!
  3. Similar request but for a source in the UK / Europe. I am fearful of incurring the vicious UK Customs charges!
  4. U can also buy at realdeal, i dont know how much the tax or custom fees are. But with that price it will be not so much i think.
    The pods are original from Ireland or Schotland i think.
    Good Luck and welcome Hugs FX:heart:
  5. That is so sweet of you - thanks
  6. Hi Jenova i was also in fear for the charges until i found a cheap and lovely apple green work for 500 dollar, i have to have that one. The lady send it with the 500 dollar ticket on it and i had to pay 100 euro taxes and so on. So it was still a nice price after al and a great bag did have a lot of usesigns but i love it to death.
    The pods a luckely not so expensive so i would not worry to much. And purse forum members get dicount with that lovely REALDEAL. She is realy very nice.
    Goodluck and Hugs FX:heart:
  7. There are new pods on e-bay right now.
    Nice and nice priced.
    Good luck FX:heart:
  8. >The pods are original from Ireland or Scotland i think.

    Ireland :smile: If you get rogue escape's email address by ebaying for rogue pods and and then contacting her, you can maybe get her to dispatch any she has direct. Or just buy the eBay ones! In which case they're dispatched be her from Ireland - no customs
  9. Rogue Escape's eBay seller name is tailortrash. She has a few pods currently listed for auction. Good luck!
  10. Thanks to both of you who tipped me off about tailortrash. I have purchased and continue to be tempted!
  11. How often do her designs vary and how long has she been making them?
  12. They started with the classic pale beige colour pods with black designs. The leathers were goatskin and deerskin and calfskin, I think. There were loads of designs - some prints by Durer, some Alice in Wonderland special editions, some derived from nature, e.g. a scorpion, flowers, leaves, birds, and other unique artwork of her own. Mainly these were flat hemispherical pods though a few double pods (closer to the boobie in design) were made.

    When the final hide finished the pods seemed to be at an end. She made an incredibly cute 'little dead pod' with the last scraps of calfskin and some black lambskin. It had black crosses for eyes and a flat mouth. That was at the end of April 2007.

    All these had silver hardware if i remember correctly.

    Then she found some carpskins! Little luscious pieces of soft velvety skin from the carp fish, dyed in sugar sweet colours - pink, lilac, caramel, mocha etc. They were very limited edition and had bronze/gold tone hardware. I think it was at around this point that she started using bbag tassels in matching colours to attach the clip to the pod. Still, she had no permanent source of materials to make pods so again, no more could be promised. They were sold on eBay in mid-late May 2007.

    Now she has got hold of a new leather source and the colourful chintz designs and also that plain blue hand dyed one that you see now on eBay are the result. She's continuing to use bbag tassels on many of them, too.

    Hope that's of some help.
  13. Thanks - I just looked back through her feedback and saw photos of most of these types there. The carpskin ones were adorable. I hope that you bought one?
  14. two tone caramel and mocha one :smile: