Where to buy pearls?


Jul 13, 2007
I like pearlparadise.com and thepearloutlet.com-very nice stuff and very trustworthy!
Ditto. They have the best prices on quality pearls that I have seen. Their new exotic freshwater pearls are really nice.
Thank ladies! I will investigate your sources and get back to you. In the past, I bought from www.americanpearl.com I actually went up to their offices on 5th Ave. when I was in New York and selected my necklace.

But last February, all my jewelry was stolen, and so I am starting again. And of course, the first thing you buy is a pearl necklace!

As I said, I want a lustre-full but funky and chunky pearl necklace. Something for casual wear, not little old lady, stuffy pearls.


Aug 28, 2009
sorry to hear that all your jewelry was stolen. A friend recommended this irish store and I bought this chunky pearl necklace from her. Really lovely I ordered a matching bracelet as well.

http://www.dmscollection.com/mall/p...nky irregular shaped mother of pearl necklace

It is not expensive compare to the mikimoto... well paid ridiculously price for it all it does is to sit in the safe ... ......... This store has a lot of style pearl necklaces... at least something to look to satisfy my eyes a little bit. Just couldn't keep looking the more I look the more I wanted to buy!!