Where to buy PARIS or ROME?

  1. Hey ladies, can any of u pls help me out. I'm interested in buying Anthracite Work or maybe Weekender, and smone told me that this color are quite difficult to find. I plan to go to Europe on September so can you give me some information about the price and color pls
    - Is it cheaper to buy it in ROME? or it's pretty much the same
    - I really love Anthracite so you think this color will be available in ROME or PARIS
    - Pls give me some suggestion in case that the Anthracite is not available buy the time I get there, which color should I buy ,I'm thinking about INK, plain Black or maybe u can suggest me something...:confused1:

    Thank you so muchhhhh:roflmfao:
  2. first of all i suggest you to call shops selling Bbags before your arrive in Europe to find if smone has the Anthra bag in store
  3. anyone happen to know the price, it costs less than buying in PARIS or not?