Where to buy OPI LED light?


Aug 9, 2008
Hello SOG nail users--I think I've narrowed my search down to getting the OPI LED light. I'm an SOG newbie, and I've decided that I want to skip getting a cheaper one to start, and just go with the one that I'll end up with.

Are there dependable sellers? I was just about to go to Amazon marketplace, eBay, etc. but noticed other retailers online like Princess etc. Any advice? I've searched threads--now looking for the most recent info that you might have? Many thanks! I don't want to get into a problem with a seller at this point.


New Member
May 2, 2014
I've heard many good things about princess. I just recently bought mine on eBay and I love it. Seller was great and very quick. Nails-for-us was the seller. My package came with my choice of 6 polish colors.

Good luck on your search!