Tech Where to buy older or discounted cell phones?

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2009
    My dad's trusty ol' Nokia flip phone finally broke down (well, its still usable, but the screen remains blank) after 4 or 5 years!! He's eligible for a free phone upgrade from T-Mobile, but that always requires a 2-year contract & he's not into that this time around.

    I checked eBay, but the cheapest are like $65+. He thinks that's still a bit expensive for some outdated (new though) flip phone. Does anyone have recommendations for other online sellers that sell older/discounted phones? I could obviously just Google it, but I know some sites will just seem iffy, so I prefer it if it came from personal experience.

    He really just uses it for texting & calling, so the new phones these days aren't worth it to him.
  2. I don't think you're going to do any better than $65, honestly. And that price seems really, really fair to me.
  3. The reason phones are so cheap is cause of the contract. I doubt you'll find anything super cheap without entering into some sort of contract.

    Maybe check out the classifieds at
  4. Yeah, now that I did a little more digging, it is a very good price. I tried searching for a model on Google Shopping & the eBay price was still the best. Guess I'll just have to tell my dad that's as good as it can get!

    Thanks Charles, I'll give it a look!
  5. just stalk ebay. A couple years ago I got a Lg flip camera phone (the one with the rotating camera) for $50. It was used when I got it, but only had like 10 hours of talk time on it and a few light scratches. I couldnt figure out how to get the headset mode off and neither could the tech at verizon so he went in the back and got me a brand new one (not a refurb) and switched it for free. So that worked out for me but even $50 would have been a good deal for the used phone which was giong for aroun $75-$150 at the time.
  6. i bought my husband a t mobile pay as you go flip phone and just inserted his sim card in there and it works was like 40$
  7. Yeah, if you're on a carrier that uses sim cards (ATT and T Mobile in the US), consider a pay-as-you-go phone that you can just slip a sim card into. That might be your cheapest option.
  8. I didn't realize that was possible!! Thanks for that tip... I have been seeing the prepaid phones in search results too.
  9. T-mobile pay as you go usually offers great deal. I bought one cheap nokia phone brand new for $30 with $25 prepaid minutes.
  10. Even if you don't want to go the prepaid route, if your carrier uses sim cards, you can buy a prepaid phone for their system and pop your sim card in and it will work on your plan.

    I know this very, very well because I have a very silly friend that has a, uh, PROPENSITY for dropping her phone in toilets at bars. And by propensity, I mean she did it three times in two months. Each time, she fished it out, got her sim card out, threw away the phone, and went to Best Buy the next day and bought the same $25 Go Phone that she had bought before and put her card into it. Voila!