Where to buy NON designer-inspired bags, but still not designer?

  1. As much as I love designer bags, my college is design and yeah there's paint in even unexpected places! I want to grab a bag that I won't have to worry about for once specifically while on campus!

    I clicked around on eBay and found some good prices if I'm not getting a designer one. But they're all designer-inspired. The majority of any bags seem to be inspired, but seriously... there must be SOME website that has more original but not designer-inspired bags.

    I'm wanting to know if anyone can drop me a few URLs in this thread as to where I may find what I'm looking for. I'm interested in leather (well, probably pleather) bags in particular. And of course especially bags that are not so closely inspired by designer bags.

    Thank you for any help!
  2. omg, passerby, where are you?? :nuts:
  3. Gap, Banana republic, AnnTaylor, Old Navy?
  4. Hi uhkiwi, I was at the office :smile:

    Adore, hello. Your questions are so tough to answer. IMHO the most original bag designer is Charlott Vasberg but her bags are hard to find. Barneys used to sell a few styles and SatineBoutique carries her bags.

    Charlott Vasberg

    Satine Boutique=

    What do you think of Bliss Lau's bags?

    Steven Alan | Bliss Lau Accordion Bag
    Bliss Lau Accordion.jpg
  5. Kristen Aronsson Tress Handbag Rare Device.jpg urban kitty slouch L.jpg Lorelei Bridie.jpg Dutchy Nana Hobo.jpg
  6. Ditto the sentiment that you need passerby!

    Also, 6pm.com has been featuring up-and-coming designers lately - some cute stuff: 6pm.com on-the-street boutique
  7. What about the shops in the mall? I know lots of stores have designer-inspired bags but they have some non-deisgner inspired bags too! I have two clutches from Express and love it!
  8. Hi Fifi Bags, your leather bag looks gorgeous.
  9. Hi Passerby, Thanks!! I´m glad You like them... :smile:
  10. Fifi... I LOVE YOUR BAGS!!!!! (Esp. the Cozy!) AAAAAAACCHCHHH.... i have to have one... or two.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them...
  11. Hi NyckeiXXIV, hahaha!! Thank You soo much! I really appreciate it...;)
  12. Urban Outfitters has some really cool andy warhol bags. Art school profs should get the reference.
  13. ^^^(Or anyone else that went to college and took and art edu class...)