Where to buy neon yellow pumps/heels?

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  1. Hey i was wondering if anyone knows any sites or stores (preferbly in Canada) that carry neon yellow pumps or heels? I've been seeing neon everywhere now & its starting to grow on me! I'm kicking myself because i saw them last summer at urban planet for like $20 but didn't get them! I know i will probably only wear them once or twice so nothing too expensive!

    When i searched it on yahoo, all i got were those stripper style shoes. Even the kind of neon sandals Victoria Beckham wore once are good but obviously i don't want to spend that much! I have a few neon pices already like a skinny patent belt, a camisole, & these wicked R&R jimmy obsession jeans that are a dark wash with neon yellow stitching! I want shoes now! Thanks!

    p.s. i know everyone is not crazy about the neon trend (i was the first to hate it!) so please no rude comments! Thanks!
  2. i haven't seen any in canada but i love neon
  3. Anybody??
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    I don't know what your price point is so I'm just going to post what I can find.

    Giuseppe Zannotti heels in neon pink and yellow:


    Marc by Marc Jacobs. These aren't exactly neon but they are a bright yellow/pink:




    DAVIS by Ruthie Davis: Neon Yellow and Neon Green:


    (Not Heels)

    Christian Louboutin. Neon pink/ Yellow:






    Manolo Blahnik. Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Orange:





    Bettye Muller. Two Tone Sandal:


    Stella McCartney. Neon pink pumps:


    Oscar de la Renta. Hot pink:


    Jimmy Choo. Strappy Sandal:


    Alexander McQueen. Neon Pink:


    Cesare Paciotti. Lemon Green:


    Paul Smith. Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange:


    (Not heels but cute)

    That's all for now! Maybe I'll find some more later. Good luck.
  5. I know that Louboutin has a patent yellow new simple out for spring? It may or may not be neon-enough for you. I think that barneys website has it.
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    Holy TenYearsGone! Thank you so much! You know your stuff!

    I am going to kill the guess site. Everytime i try to look at it, it always takes me to .ca because i'm in Canada. Everytime i punch in .com, it still takes me there! Grrrrr!

    Ok i found them on the Canadian website, the carrie ones!
  8. Thanks for the topshop link but when i clicked it, it shows only a red shoe!
  9. That's strange! It's called the SANTO shoe and I just did a search on the topshop site. Here's a pic.

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  10. I saw an awesome pair at Cusp if NM delivers to Canada. I don't remember who they are by, but I made a mental note that I wanted them!
  11. mellibelly-those are hot shoes!!! When i clicked on your link earlier, it just brought me to the main page so i searched "neon" & those red shoes came up LOL

    Gimmethebag- NM as in Neimen Marcus? Yup, they now ship to Canada!
  12. Then CUSP should deliver to you. I checked the site for my shoe feature on my blog... they are by Pour La Victoire, florescent yellow strappy heels. They're awesome.

    I'm happy to have discovered PLV, they have that designer look at still $400 less. At $300 they shouldn't be poor quality either!
  13. ^I saw those & they are pretty hot!!!