Where to buy my Picotin? SA dilemma

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  1. I saw the Picotin at the Hermes near my office and the SA there was really friendly, gave me her card. Then tonight, I went to my "regular" Hermes store near home and the SA there was really nice, brought out all the bags I wanted and everything (including samples). She isn't my regular SA there though.

    Both stores have the Picotin in my chosen colour and I guess both SAs are waiting to sell me something now... I bought a twilly at my regular store.

    Dunno what to do, I don't want to "ruin" a relationship with an SA in either store. What would the PFies do? :flowers:
  2. Stay with your regular SA. By your description above, it sounds like your regular SA went more out of her way for you.

    If you would like to start a relationship with the other SA...maybe purchase something small (like fragrance) and just let her know that you appreciated her etc., but the timing wasn't right for the bag etc. That way you will keep both doors open.
  3. Actually, my "real" regular SAs aren't there at this time: one is on holiday (the one where I got really nice service at my regular store) and the other is at 24 Faubourg.

    So you think I should patronize my regular Hermes store? And buy fragrance at my "new" store?
  4. I agree with Kellybag's suggestion. Make your major purchases at your regular store and maybe buy fragrance at the other store.
  5. Thanks :love: You probably all think I'm nuts :nuts:
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