Where to buy my BBag?

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  1. I'm hoping to buy my first BBag this summer (Black RH City!). I live in Canada and don't really want to buy from Holt Renfrew, so I was thinking of ordering from Aloha Rag after hearing the stories on here.

    However, I am spending 2 weeks in Greece this summer and am now wondering if it would be better to buy a BBag in Athens. I'm trying to figure out the difference in price between Aloha Rag and buying in Europe.

    How much duty will I have to pay if I order from Aloha Rag and will I have to pay Canadian tax (GST, no PST in Alberta)? How much money will I get back from the VAT if I buy in Athens? And how/when do I get money back from VAT? If the price difference isn't too much, would it be better to buy in Athens so I can make sure the leather is what I want?

    I have been trying to read about Balenciaga as much as I can in advance! Thank you!
  2. Anyone? :smile:
  3. Hi, I think your best bet will be either Aloha Rag or Ebay. Depends whether you are looking for a brand-new bag or for a used. But don't get me wrong- Ebay has some really great things. I have bought 4 there.

    My latest bag was from Aloha Rag (it was a City in EB) which is one of this season's colors. You do not have to pay sales tax (unless you live in Hawaii) and they have free shipping on orders over $500. Your best bet would be to email them- love@aloharag.com

    For used, but in very good conditions, check out www.shop.realdealcollection.com (all authentic and sellers are tPFers).

    Good luck! And HAPPY SHOPPING!

    I attached for you the lates email I got from Aloha Rag on March 31. This is their current inventory for RH Citys. Anyways, email them!

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial] City $1195
    08 Spring/Summer—Sahara, Bianco, Bleu Electric, Sky Blue


    07 Spring/Summer—Vert Deau

  4. Since you already know what you are looking for, CALL aloha rag (a lot faster!). Just ask them if they have your bag and they will check their stock. Also, if you deicde to purchase one, make sure you sign up for the free membership - you'll get 3% off. I just purchased my first VD city yesterday! Good luck!
  5. Thank you! I'm getting excited about the hunt for my first BBag! :tup:
  6. I haven't purchased from AR but I know some Canadian TPFers who have and they have been quite pleased. I believe the final price even with customs and taxes (and I believe AR helps minimize the hit) is much less than you would pay at Holt Renfrew. Ebay is great as well - make sure you check out the seller's reputation and have the bag authenticated here. Some of these listings are from Canadian sellers so you wouldn't have to worry about duties and taxes. I'm not sure about Greece but its hard to beat the U.S. pricing.