where to buy mulberry

  1. Hi all, i am interested in purchasing a mulberry bag. havent decided which model yet.
    Do you girls know any reputable ebay sellers that sell mullberry?
    I looked at Saks.com and Barneys.com but they dont have very large selection.
  2. Net-A-Porter & Mulberry.com :heart:

    Dont know any reputable eBay sellers though, sorry.
  3. i looked at mulberry.com but hm... the price is kinda misleading. i was reading the price 595 and i was like... "hey, thats not too bad". but then i realize the price is in pound.
    i'd rather buy it from somewhere with US currency.

    mellyjr: i cannot find the link to the 50% summer handbag
  4. if you can go into a Nordstrom, they have a lot of gorgeous ones on sale for 40% off at the moment...PM me if you want the number of the one I go to--the SA is great and I'm sure they would ship to you