where to buy mulberry?!

  1. still no luck finding a mulberry seller around the nj area. particularly the seth or the antony. help?!:sad:
  2. Oh yeah, which one are you getting?! :biggrin:
  3. Nordtroms at the Mall of America just started carrying Mulberry (and Chloe and Gustto and Bulga...) Maybe a Nordstroms near you has them?
  4. im hoping to get the seth, but if that is out of budge the antony. but i want to see it first, i like the whole shopping experience lol :smile:
  5. aww i called the stores that suppose to carry them, but they dont :sad:( i guess ill have to wait til i either go to england..which i sadly was suppose to this summer or will wait for this apparent new store in ny in august?
  6. Have you tried Neiman's? I know that Neiman's at Short Hills had them the last time I went there a few weeks ago, and my local Neiman's (out in Tyson's Corner, VA) has a large Mulberry section. Good luck!
  7. Some Nordstrom's have Mulberry. I know the one at South Coast Plaza in CA carries them. Also, Barney's NY carries them.
  8. Call a Nordstrom store and have them ship it to you. They did a huge designer markdown about 2 weeks ago. Mulberry was the first to be marked down. You know Nordstrom SA they will go out their way to sell something. Good luck.
  9. yeah i called but they said they only carry womens bags. :sad:(