Where to buy Morgan Oakley Baby Ditch?

  1. I have seen the beautiful pictures, but I can't seem to find any etailers that have them in stock. They don't even show the Baby Ditch on the Morgan Oakley web site. So where can one buy a Baby Ditch?
  2. Hey MLinky,
    This was the only one I found doing a quick search. It's probably a little bit of a weird time to buy as sites are still waiting for all of their spring merchandise. I bet if you wait a few weeks you'll have more selection in terms of color.

  3. Thanks clutch. That was the only one that I found and it seems to be out of stock. I hope that you are right.
  4. No problem. There are some great colors for spring anyway. Better to wait until you have more selection. :yes:
  5. Have you called Morgan Oakley to ask where to buy..? Also, did you look at their STORES link to find where to buy in your area. Good luck
  6. I bought my Baby Ditch from eBay.
  7. Thanks ladies.
  8. Just an FYI....Lisa Kline now has the Baby Ditch in stock in 4 colors!!!
    Hurry and get yours. I got the Grey and LOVE IT. Compliments galore when I carry it.
  9. anyone have IRL pics of the colors? Lisa Kline doesnt have the swatches labled and Id love to see the difference between the plum and purple
  10. ^^^ You have all the bags that I want. Adopt me.
  11. OK. You're adopted. I do have a 21-year-old daughter about to graduate from the University of Chicago. She doesn't care a thing about bags.

    Oh, and I think we have similar tastes. Which says, probably, that I am too young for my age.
  12. ^^^Or that my taste is too old? I'm only 25 dammit! Oh well. I have to stop popping into threads to "just read" - notice how my wishlist keeps growing...
  13. You asked me once if I have a wish list. I do.

    Kooba Sloane in slate
    Botkier Sasha duffle in jean
    Lauren Merkin Abby computer sleeve in gunmetal or gold
    Bryna Nicole Loyola in plum
    Bulga Roxanne in plum

    Guess what? I can't find any of these bags -- not a one! Well, actually, I found the Merkin Abby. It is sold out at Luna Boston, where it once was on sale for $150. I can't bear to pay full price (knowing I could have had it for less).
  14. Speaking of "just reading".... What or who is Morgan Oakley? Is the leather as soft as a Botkier? I love being a member of this forum. :yahoo: My dh has put me on forced purse ban, and I'm supposed to be banned from this forum as well.lol Of course, I do have a birthday approaching in less than a month!!! Keep introducing me to new great bags!