Where to buy Moncler?

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  1. I know we're heading into spring and the last thing I need is a heavy ski jacket- but I've just seen a several items from Moncler that I love :drool: I'm thinking about getting one this fall but I honestly have no idea where to get one- so if anyone knows of places that sell the line I'd love to know (especially in the San Francisco area) :flowers:

    btw, if anyone here owns a Moncler jacket, can you tell me how durable the jackets are andif the nylon snags easily? Thanks again! :wlae:
  2. Intermix, Neiman Marcus, Saks all sell Moncler. I don't know if they would have anything left though. It's very out of the season.
  3. ^^Thanks! I guess it was more obvious than I'd thought!
  4. Bergdorf has it too. Postcarde is another great brand for ski jackets. BTW, I have a moncler jacket and its very durable!
  5. btw, how are you supposed to correctly pronounce it? :shame: Mon-clay? Mon-claire?
  6. ^the second one is the right pronunciation!
    i do own one too and it's so soft and durable....you'll love it, i'm sure!
  7. You can also buy it from SearleNYC(online), they did have quite a good selection this winter.
  8. Thanks for everyone's help! The one I'd been eyeing on Saks.com went on sale so I jumped at the chance- 60% off! :yahoo:
  9. i LOVE their down coats! I have one and it is very durable....and super warm *100% down and i am in Canada too.
  10. cool that you all like moncler - i fell in love this fall with those jackets but its difficult to find one even here in europe - they don't have a lot of shops and everything is sold quickly..
    i'll try my luck this weekend

    mon-claiiiireeeeee :smile:
  11. I love Moncler. The quality and fit are really good. Let us know what you got!
  12. i found one in a moncler shop near my hometown...:yahoo:

    first i wanted BADIA but with the hoodie it seemed so big and fat - so i decided to take CLAIRE which is more elegant and less sporty...

    one of my favorite models is FLAN - but they did not have it anymore bcs they already had it last year,

    so i am very happy with my Claire in black - the jacket keeps so warm, but i have to wear a long pullover as the jacket is not to long - but i looooveee it

    my nicest christmas present this year!!!:girlsigh:

    check my foto - what do you think???
  13. nice picture motorcyclegirl!! you look great in that jacket, i love it!

    I am wondering.. are the jackets on eBay all fake?
  14. i think all those jackets from china and bulgaria are fakes for sure -
    there are a few from germany which are even used those could be real ones...

    but better don't buy from ebay..
    the sizes of all the models are very different...