Where to buy MJ stella now?

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  1. Now, I wanna buy the stella, but I do not know where I can get it except eBay. any ideas? Thank you.
  2. the stella has been discontinued, so your best bet is eBay. good luck!
  3. I usually find them on consignment sites, but they get snatched up quick.
  4. Yep..eBay. Just post any auction that you are interested in under the 'authenticate this' forum and they can tell you whether it is real or not. I got a gorgeous, brand new blue stella for $300 on ebay not too long ago!
  5. Is disignersimports.com reliable. I found the stella is in stock at that website.
  6. no it's not, they sell only fakes. stay away from that website.
  7. Sigh. I would love to buy a brand new Stella. This question makes me sad! LOL. Good luck to you in finding one! Don't forget NR, Off 5th, and NMLC!
  8. Gung, you can sometimes find brand new Stellas on E-bay. My Cantaloupe Stella was brand new, with tags. I bought it for approximately $300. Also, a few of the Stellas I bought on E-bay, although slightly used, were in such good condition...they were almost like new. You just have to keep looking and one will turn up. Some colors are more popular than others. I would love to find a Indigo Stella...used or new! You can also call the boutiques and ask them to do a check. There might be one floating around somewhere. The Stella is a great bag. :tup:
  9. ^Thanks for the info! I really appreciate it. Now if I could find a beautiful brown or blue Stella, I would be ecstatic!
  10. ^ Yup....Keep your eyes peeled...I just scored a stella in bark w/ burgundy suede lining a few weeks ago for $400....LOVE it!!! Don't worry..you'll find one...just be patient..believe me I know that's hard lol!!!
  11. Seems like they have a bunch popping up on Ebay right now.

  12. Ooohhhh Emmy! The suede lining on the bark color is SOOOOO pretty. I sold my Bark Sophia because it was too small but I LOVED that lining so much. :smile: Congrats on the new Stella! Did you post pictures???
  13. this thread is making me miss my stella! it's been neglected for all the new bags i've been buying. i need to blow the dust off and carry it this weekend.