Where to buy MJ in Nice????

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  1. Hi

    Does anyone know where to buy Marc J. in Nice ...France?? :smile:
  2. I have a name of my fave designer store in Nice..will get the bus card out of my car/hold on..its coming
  3. I know they sellChloe,Gucci,Prada( Ispent a ton in that store!!!!LOL)very good prices.....saved a ton back in September!
    OK- Its Jean Charles,the addresses on the shopping bag are:10,RUE MASSENA #
    6,Av DE VERDUN,
  4. :smile: Hi Jill
    Thanks a lot! do you think they have MJ too ?
  5. ^ They were like the one store that had EVERYTHING!!!!!!! from bags,to shoes,to clothing,If my hubby hadnt dragged me out after buying 3 things..I swear I would have bought the whole store!! Its such an amazing place!tell me how it is! I wanna go back this summer
  6. So your hubby had to dragg you out :lol: ... Well my hb just told me that it's not Nice we are going to, but St. Tropez :rolleyes: We are staying in Provence, so St. Tropez is only for one day. I gess I can't buy the hole store in such a short time...I hope not :lol::lol:
  7. St Tropez is NOT that far from Nice..You can still go there!!LOL!
  8. Ohhhh...don't tempt me :P ..Can not afford it :lol:
  9. Hate to tell you this(LOL!) BUT the shopping in St tropez is AMAZING....MU...HA...HA....HA!....You go girl~!
  10. Ohhhhhhhhh ...Noooooooo....:lol::lol:
  11. and I beleive the stores are open on Sundays in St Tropez..In Nice..they were closed on Sundays...My PHH was thrilled..as we were leaving on a monday morning..LOL!
  12. :lol::lol::lol:
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