Where to buy Miu Miu in Spain??

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  1. I'm going Spain for holiday next month. I know that there's only ONE store in Spain which is in Madrid. Madrid is one of the city I'll be visiting but I'm not sure if my tour will be ard miu miu madrid... :-s

    Does anyone knows where else I can find Miu Miu outlets? Is it avaliable in their Departmental Stores like El Corte Inglés?? Does Milan & Barcelona Airport have Miu Miu Boutiques?

  2. mmm as far as I remember, you can't find miu miu in el corte ingles....and I don't think milan and barcelona have airport boutiques...last I heard barcelona didn't have a miu miu boutique but they did sell it in another store, department store or something but I don't remember the name...