Where to buy Miu Miu in Bangkok?

Nov 5, 2010
I will b gg Bkk next wk. Where to find Miu Miu in Bangkok? Authentic pls... I wonder how is the big bow bag prices there?

How many sizes r there for bow bag?

I will consider other designs but aiming for Mughetto, Fumo, Arigilla or black. This is the 1st time I am buying Miu miu so pardon me for spelling the names wrong.

Which is the MUST own Miu Miu bag design? Tks alot..
Feb 7, 2007
I am not too sure... but if any place in bangkok shld have a miu miu store it be siam paragon.

There are 2 sizes for bow - small & regular (large)

Classic miu mius are the coffer, bow, nappa charm.

Which one you one to get it is to your preference! But all 3 are well deserve!

Good luck dear
Nov 5, 2010
I went there but could not find miu miu boutique at all...Sigh...No chance to get on hold a miu miu bag...

I had seriously consider that mayb should get 1st miu miu large coffer in black?

I love all the pastel colours but then I read that it will get high chance of colour transfer from clothes...

For the large bow, can fit A4 documents?