Where to buy Manolos online?

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  1. Hi,

    Looking to buy the blue "Sex in the City" Manolos for my girlfriend in March as we're getting married in July.

    Hoping the group out there could give a guy a hand as I simply have no idea where to start looking as they're about $1100 here in the only store I could find them. Hoping that they might be a little less online somewhere?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help!

    Tony :yes:
  2. You can buy the 90mm heel height at Barney's, Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman online.

    You can also call the boutique in New York and Las Vegas for the 105mm shoes.

    All the stores I mentioned sell them for $945 + tax and shipping...

    My now husband bought mine from the boutique in New York and he dealt with Abby there.

    I would make sure you get the best sizing possible. Keep in mind satin does not stretch the way that leather does. I bought mine a half a size larger than my regular size and they were pretty comfortable. I wore them the entire day of my wedding....

    Good Luck and Congratulations on being such a great fiance!
  3. Thanks for the help MBKitty!!

    Any chance they (the blue Hangisi) might be on sale anywhere? :smile:
  4. I've only seen them go on sale once - last year on NM.com for one day only.
  5. I've also only seen them on sale once at footcandyshoes.com and they sold out within the day....

    Unfortunately, they are part of the "Classics" collection along with all the other shoes that were made famous by SATC (Silver Sedaraby; Black Campari; Zebra d'Orsay, etc.) and just don't go on sale.

    If you find them on sale, PLEASE make sure it's a reputable seller! I would hate for you to spend less on fakes and I think you would hate that as well! How embarrassing would it be if your fiancee needed to have them serviced for any reason (new heel taps, extra crystals, anything!) only to be told that they were fake...
  6. Do you remember when it was (what day last year)? ;)
  7. Definitely want to get authentic ones!! Hence my posting here -- I'm guessing that footcandyshoes.com is a reputable site along with the other dependables ( Saks, Barney's, Holt Renfrew, etc.).

    I'd love to know if there are any other sites that anyone knows is dependable to purchase from!

    Thanks in advance!! :yahoo: