Where to buy LV strap?

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  1. Hi, a quick and easy question for you LV experts...I want to buy a shoulder strap for my new Damier Alma, but eluxury doesn't seem to be stocking the correct strap. Can you get special orders through eluxury (I don't think these straps are rare, just not listed on the website)? Or will I have to drive to a LV boutique to get the strap?
  2. Go to the eluxury.com, click CONTACT US and either ask someone about it via LIVE CHAT or email. They're quite helpful. I actually ordered an LV catalog through LIVE CHAT.
  3. If it's not on elux you probably don't have much of a choice but going to the LV boutique. I didn't even know they made shoulder straps for the Almas! You need to post pics for us if you get it ;)
  4. I think you can just phone the vuitton number and have one mailed out to you, 1-866-VUITTON
  5. Years ago, I emailed eluxury.com to ask about the shoulder strap for the Alma. Someone promptly emailed me back with the price and offered to let me order through them. Then, several months later, I noticed the strap being offered on eluxury.com. (I don't see it there under "Straps" right now, but I've seen it offered from time to time.) So it's definitely worth it to contact them. But it's always great to visit the actual store.
  6. Ditto what Ayla said, call the 866vuitton number and order it through them
  7. I just sold my vachetta strap on eBay for $99.

    You can check eBay if you want one w/a patina already.
  8. Just an update--saw that eluxury now has straps for LV. There isn't a huge selection, but hopefully it gives you an idea of prices...