Where to buy LV - Portugal or USA?

  1. I'm planning to buy a Mono Speedy 30 and I'm going to Portugal in a couple of months. Is it cheaper to buy it in Portugal or should I just buy it here in the US? It costs $620 here + tax. I couldn't find the price in Portugal, but it costs 420 Euro in France. Is it the same price in Portugal? According to today's conversion rate, it costs about the same here and in France. But I'm not sure if the tax refund would make a big difference.

  2. Portugal is on the euro so it would be the same price in all of Europe that uses the euro. You would pay the vat at the store, but they would give you a form that you would get stamped at the airport/ cruiseship terminal and you would get that portion refunded to you. That being said, the price would be determine at the time you buy the bag the euro vs the dollar. If the dollar gets stronger the bag will become less expensive to buy in europe/ of course if the dollar weakens....
    Four of the 6 lv's I own where bought in Europe, 3 made in France and one made in Spain.
    Most of the LV's here are made in the USA in California, hope that helps
  3. Thank you so much, newcitylady!