Where to buy louis vuitton online with cheaper price?

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  1. So far I only know you can buy it from Louis vuitton's website, and you have to pay tax.
    Is there any other sites which is cheaper and exempt from state tax?
  2. What do you think?
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  3. Fashionphile has used LVs at decent prices if you don't want to pay full price :smile:
  4. You can ship it to a state that doesn’t have sales tax, such as Delaware. But you should probably live or work there.

    Or, you fly to Paris and buy there. Then you are exempt from VAT and state tax. Plus you get a lovely vacation out of it.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I was hoping that there is some European site that sells it....
  6. Save up and buy from the official website. People tend to lose more money by chasing bargains.
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  7. There are no European Websites that are authorized to sell LV online besides their own website. LV is very strict with its distribution in general. Vestiaire Is a good European website I trust for resell as they check every bag that sells through their website. Other than that, your best bet is buying in Hawaii as their prices is 10% below US msrp. Depending where you live in US, it may be cost effective for you to buy at Heathrow if you can snag cheap round trip tix. The prices is Heathrow is already de-taxed.
  8. Just save up and buy direct from the LV site. Worth it in the long run should you have issues with the bag.

    As for tax, I live in a United States state that doesn’t have a LV store. So anytime I buy online or have an item shipped to me from a store I do not pay any tax. Should I buy in person (which hasn’t happened in years since all I want is rare! gah!) I pay that states tax where the store is.
  9. 24 Sèvres sells Louis Vuitton products if your shipping address is in the Euro Zone. For example, they had an exclusive capsule collection this summer. Also, there are multiple tax-free airport stores now beside Heathrow, which is awesome for us travelers!
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  10. In the past I’ve purchased pre-LoVed bags but had them authenticated here first. Now when it comes to a new bag, I would not trust any site other than the official LV website.
  11. Damn I should live in a state that doesn’t have a LV store! Lol. :biggrin: (With all the taxes I paid from the bags I purchased these 2 months, I could’ve gotten another one on the house. ):lol:

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. :smile:
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  12. If you ever come to visit Oregon, we don’t have sales tax. Call ahead as our store’s selection isn’t great, but you can save on some taxes!
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  13. If you ever go on vacation to Hawaii, make sure to buy bags there! MSRP is about 10% cheaper than mainland and their tax is only around 4-5%. In California our tax is 9%+ so buying in Hawaii saves me almost 15% :tup:
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    Sorry, the rest didn't go through.

    You can try to order via UK as the Poud is pretty weak now. hth
  15. You can always purchase in store and have them ship to you. I do that when I buy stuff for my sister who lives in DE.
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