Where to buy Louboutins in Orlando?

  1. I'm going to Orlando for a wedding next weekend. I was hoping to stop by some stores to see if maybe they have any different sizes or styles left that my stores don't. I've tried calling around but none of the shoe departments ever pick up the phone! I swear I've called like 10 times. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. try Neimans(Mall at Millenia) and Saks(Florida Mall)...and that is about it. I was just at NM Last Call(Prime outlets) and they had some CLs but they were few and far between.
  3. I live in Orlando too and it's pretty much slim pickin's for CLs around here. As DeeDeeDelovely said, those two stores are really the only places. Last Call mainly has espadrille flats and a few other styles in very limited sizing. I was just at the NM at Millenia today- if you go ask for Ben. He's my normal SA- he doesn't know the CL style names very well but he's so sweet and really helpful! I asked him today if he could locate a pair of Simple pumps in magenta for me- and he told me all CL basic pumps are simple, and he was dead serious. Luckily he brought out the book and was really surprised they were actually called Simple. haha.
  4. Hey letsgoshopping,

    NM is the only place you'll be able to try on shoes. Saks only has the book and can order them for you, but you won't be able to try them on, as they're not sold in the store:crybaby:

    And Purse Addiction is right, Ben is really sweet. If he's not available, Edwin is my SA and he's great as well!
  5. Maria is my SA at the NM...she calls me every time a CL shipment arrives. Michelle is good too!
  6. Every once in a while Saks will get a CL return, but I wouldn't count on it so I would recommend skipping the Saks here.

    The selection at NM isn't all that great either. I rely on this forum for sizing since I can't try a lot of the shoes on for myself! Anyway, have a great trip down here! And good luck on your CL hunt :biggrin:
  7. Well what a bummer! I was looking forward to at least hitting up 2 stores to see what they had. I'll try Neiman though! Thanks for all your help!
  8. Bumping this thread as I will be in Orlando in October.

    Any chance the situation has improved in the last 18 month?

  9. The last time I was Saks still no CL on the display floor. Neimans is the only one that has them on display. Neiman's Last Call has them now and again. But that is about it.
  10. Bummer! :sad:

    Thanks for the advice though DeeDee.
  11. Yeahp, just went to NMLC last weekend and they didn't have anything... Only place to shop for CL here is NM at the Mall at Millenia their selection is not great but the SA are very nice and helpful I always talk to Tyshon, he is supper down to earth and friendly.
  12. lol!!!!
  13. I love going there just to chat! Edwin is awesome and he likes when I show up with my CLs (that he's only seen in catalogs) b/c their selection is limited!!
    Such a shame that they do not have an extensive inventory and Saks!! They do not even carry them, period!!