Where to Buy? Long Sleeved Shirt in NUDE

  1. Anyone know where I can buy a long-sleeve shirt in a nude color? As for the word nude, I know there's a wide range of skin colors, so I should add that anything on the Caucasian color range would work for me. (I'm Asian with medium-dark skin.)

    I'd love something skintight. Ideally, no one would even notice I had it on!

    Just so I don't give the impression that I intend to prance around looking half-naked -- I should add that I'm buying this to layer under a very itchy dress. The dress is a lovely cable knit cashmere/wool/angora thing that is surprisingly itchy.

    Otherwise, any other ideas on how I can wear this dress w/o the itch would be appreciated. (the dress is very chunky and looks best w/just tights and heels. i already tried layering it over a colored long-sleeved shirt, and it just ended up making ME look chunky!)

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Try American Apparel
  3. Thanks Mook! I'm afraid though that the shirt might stretch out b/c it doesn't have any lycra or spandex. I'm looking for something w/a little more stretch. I'll keep looking through their site to see if I can find something...
  4. Try Topshop. I got a long sleeved nude tight shirt from them a few seasons ago.
  5. i was just about to say american apparel