Where to buy London Sole ballet flats in NYC?

I've heard so many good things about the London Sole ballet flats that I want to have them!! I'm travelling to New York in a few months so could you New York girls please tell me where I can find some? Are they sold in departement stores or some smaller shops? I guess there is no LS shop on Manhattan. I couldn't find any info on their website so please help me!


Aug 20, 2006
I love london sole too, I think I own like 10 pairs!! Anyways, london sole is the same as french sole, i am in the uk, and ordering from the same french sole website, some come as french sole, some as london sole, lol!!
So, there is a french sole store in ny, the website is French Sole Shoes, LTD
and here there is info on the store and all the shoes etc!! Address in NY is -
71st & 72nd
985 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021, USA
+1 212-737-2859
Hope that helps!
Thank you so much Amywilliams for the advise!! :smile: I'll have to go and check that store out! I was thinking of buying a pair online but as I've never even tried them on I am affraid of buying the wrong size and I am just not into the whole hassle it would be to return them. Anyway I'll have to pack light so I can buy many many pairs... I'm sure they'll be great!


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Feb 11, 2011
I am affraid London Sole and French Sole in New York are 2 diferent companies. London Sole is sister company of French Sole, but French Sole does not sell it's shoes in the US under this name as it's called London Sole in US.