Where to Buy Leather (or Pleather) Pants

  1. Hi ladies (and gentlemen) :smile:

    I am on the lookout for a nice pair of mostly black leather (I am also ok with pleather or a mock leather) skinny pants.

    Or, if it's not all-leather (or if you guys advise that that's a terrible uncomfortable idea or something) a pair of slim-leg black pants that have leather panels (to give them an overall/mostly leather look).

    I am just not sure where to start.

    I haven't set any kind of price range really, but I am open to spending up to $300* -- any suggestions would be REALLY helpful, as I just don't know where to start this search for quality pants.

    *I've decided to stop buying as much "crap" (cheap stuff that doesn't last a long time) and buy more pieces that will last longer -- so I'm willing to spend more...
  2. there's an entire thread on leather pants.
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    I'm actually reading it in another tab!
    ...But it doesn't have any intel on where I could score a pair (there was some talk of finding them on sale at Nstrom Rack, but that's very luck of the draw)

    Edit --
    Actually yes! I did see that thread mentions a couple other (very high end) brands, as well as inexpensive styles like Frenchi from Nordstrom (but those are sold out).

    I am still hoping someone can share a good style under $300 :wondering
  4. Thank you so much for the link! I read over the other thread (the one that was referenced in post above you) and there were a few people saying that faux leather isn't particularly good for pants/leggings (skin is irritated by it -- I can see that). The genuine leather looks amazing though. Will keep that one bookmarked unless I find an alternative :biggrin:
  5. i'd get the waxed skinny jeans....
    rag and bone,
    j brand
    and zara....

    i got a pair from zara last f/w....still looking good. i haven't washed them tho....i don't believe in washing clothes (outer wear) after every wear.
  6. RE: Washing outerwear after every wear:
    I agree completely. But I also don't believe in washing my hair every night if it still looks (and smells) good :p

    Rag and bone is a good idea, hadn't thought to look. Also just purused the Zara site, and now about to look at your suggestion. TY! :smile:
  7. i actually bought a leather pair off eBay for $80ish bucks. i know many people do not like the risks but they fit well and are cute.
  8. If you REALLY want a pair of leather pants, then I'd suggest you splurge on genuine leather, not faux. Genuine leather will last longer and looks much better than the synthetic version.
  9. I could not agree more with this comment. It is worth spending more on quality.
  10. well...i bought a pair of leather legging from Nordstrom for $398...i wouldn't call it cheap. but i did get a 40% discount code for them.
    i wore them for a season (i wore them alot) and the butt seam split.
    if you want genuine leather, try zara but i can't really say about the quality if they'll last.

    i don't see anything wrong with waxed/coated jeans...the cut and all is great. i got compliment on my zara waxed jeans all the time.
    of course you can try yoox, outnet or eBay for great leather leggings at discounted price too.
  11. I bought my leggings with leather front back material from marciano. That guess brand. I think they were 150 and I wore em a lot
  12. Have you tried M Missoni? I'm heading to Saks tomorrow to try them
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    I've been looking for a pair of leather pants as well, but I don't always enjoy buying pants online because I can tell in an instant which will flatter and which will not look good on me if I try them on IRL. Just yesterday I found a vintage pair on sale. Good quality leather and great fit in the waist and bum, but they need tailoring in the leg (I want them taken in for a skinnier fit). The tailoring will probably cost more than or as much as the pants, but I'm hoping its worth it to have perfect fit leather pants at a reasonable price.
  14. I agree with June about the waxed jeans. I just bought these in black: http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=CITI-WJ960&c=
    ...and they are fabulous and fit amazingly well. Mine aren't as shiny as they are in the photos. It's a subtle shine and when I asked my husband to guess what the fabric of them was he said leather. :tup:

    I also bought the stretch (real) leather leggings from Zara and had to return them because they fit great all over except for the knees which were incredible saggy and stretched out. I don't know if they were once returned by a woman who tried them on while doing squats and kickboxing, but I could NOT justify the price for a pair of leather leggings that weren't perfect. I almost bought another pair to see if they'd come stretched too but decided to get the waxed jeans above and I'm incredibly happy with my purchase.

    If you have an H&M near you, it wouldn't hurt to see what they have because I also have a pair of faux leather leggings that I got there last Season for $30 and people are always surprised when I tell them they're not real leather. :smile: