Where to buy Large Chocolate Silverado Doctor

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  1. Where do you think I can buy this? I missed the one in bluefly and I could just kick myself!
  2. It's no longer available... :sad:
  3. Aaaah, had a moment, Googled and pasted. Sorry!
  4. Try NeimanMarcus online. They had one yesterday. I have one and I love it.
  5. When I just checked they only had it in tan. I posted a pic in your other thread f you haven't seen that yet.
  6. Neiman only has it in tan. Georgiegirl, please post some pics of your bag! :smile:
  7. I'll see if my daughter can do my pics. She's the expert. I'm clueless.
  8. I was at NM-Houston last Thursday and there was a large silverado chocolate, not a doctor's, but it was pretty. It may be gone by now.
  9. That's one I saw and tried on I think! It was beautiful!
  10. Swanky, you live in Houston? We must be tripping on each other!!!!:lol:
  11. LOL! We might've been for a few days!
    DH and I were married and owned our first home together in Bellaire. We live in Dallas now but went and stayed at the Galleria Westin for 3 days last week - aand ate at Ruggles - HMMMMMMMMMMM!

    I was ALL OVER that GAlleria EVERYDAY!
    Where are you in Houston?

  12. I live in Pearland now (south of Houston) but was raised in Meyerland/Bellaire area. Lived there all my life. I guaranteed that we tripped over each other. Did you see the black MJ Elise that NM had? I was too busy buying the Stam they had in back!
  13. How funny! I actually graduated from Alvin HS and DH and I lived/built our first home on Florence in Bellaire {outer loop-4808 to be exact!}.
    I couldn't pry myself out of the Chanel boutique, I saw very little after putting on my Chanel "goggles"! LOL!
    Penny was helping me, she ROCKED!
    My bestfriend from HS lives in Pearland and my Dad works for Oxychem there.
  14. There's one at a high end boutique in Chicago that I frequent. It's called Helen Yi, and the number is 773.252.3838. Ask for Claire, she's my regular SA and super nice. Tell her Grace sent you. If you don't live in IL, then it will be tax free and shipping is only $15. :smile: