Where to buy L'Amore Ciao?

  1. Hi. Does anyone know of an online store that sells the Ciao in L'Amore? I noticed that Macy's doesn't have them listed on their website. Do they usually have them in-store?
  2. My Nordstrom's had 2 in-store this past weekend. If you're in the US and don't mind chargesend it's the Nordstrom's at the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA :smile: I have yet to see a ciao at a macys but I see it at Nordstroms a lot
  3. I think most Macy's dont carry ciao. I remember the Macys in SF carrying paradiso and inferno ciaos a while back. I know for sure that Nordstroms carrys them. I would call nordstroms in SF, LA or NY.
  4. hmmmmmm trying to think hard if stoneridge macy's had it....but most def. try calling a nordstrom's either local or you can call them and do a chargesend so they'll ship it to you =)
  5. Thanks. I'll try Nordstrom. By the way, does anyone know if Pulse has any left?
  6. Nope, Pulse is sold out of Amore Ciao. I called Casey a couple weeks ago looking for one before I finally purchased one on eBay.
  7. I bought my sister an amore ciao from Bloomingdale's in SoHo. It's the only place I have seen them for sale in NYC.

    Store Address:
    504 Broadway
    New York, NY 10012

    Phone Number:

    Ask for Olga in the handbag department if you call. She's terrific--she knows all about Tokidoki and if they don't have one in stock, she'll take your info and actually call you when it comes in. I'm pretty sure they do chargesend because she was taking a phone order for a Fendi wallet while I was there.
  8. Thanks nyshopaholic!
  9. You're welcome red1! My sister loves her amore ciao. But check out the "Beware Chargesend" post-- one of the members did a chargesend from the SoHo Bloomingdale's and now has a fraudulent charge on their credit card.

    My mom and I have both shopped at that Bloomingdale's (in person though) and have never had a problem. And based on that thread- Bloomingdale's seems to be actively investigating the fraud. If you do decide to order from there, just keep an eye on your account.
  10. I went to Bloomindale's today and I just picked up a L'Amore Ciao. I haven't seen any at all at Macy's. Give Bloomy's a call.
  11. How is the L'amore ciao?
  12. I really like the Ciao now! At first I thought it might be too small, but it's great! Now I want one in the Spiaggia print. I liked how you can adjust the straps to wear it long or folded. I first saw it on Bubblesung's pictures and that's what caught my eye. (thx bubblesung!)
  13. haha yes! ciao for the win! i love the ciao! shows a good amount of print but isn't too big! ^^
  14. Are the Spiaggia Ciao's hard to find? I shoulda ordered one from Pulse when i ordered the Zucca.. But I didn't know to like it then! haha.. I should call Casey to see if there are any left..
  15. hmmmm well i only checked 2 macys and nords and i didn't see any ciaos...but then most stores are just getting in their first shipments of these bags so i guess hold out and see if they'll get it...but yah check pulse...i know they only have one ciaociao left since i'm looking for a ciaociao