Where to buy LAMB LeSportSac?

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  1. I scrounged the internet and looked in the shopping sticky but didn't find any stores that carry LAMB LeSportSac. There are stores that carry LAMB and Harajuku Lovers but not the LAMB line that she did with LSS. I know it's old but help me out. I looked on eBay but eBay geuinley scares me. :s
  2. man I dunnos, the lamb line is pretty old, I doubt you will be able to find it at any retail stores, I would have to go to eBay or some kind of reseller thing... maybe you can scrouge around at some second hand stores, but you'd have to be lucky!!
  3. Yeah, no way any stores would have those bags. They were going for like 4 times their retail value on ebay at one point. The bags came out so long ago I wouldnt trust anyone on ebay who says that they have a brand new one.
  4. yeah no kidding! ...i was looking for it but i totally gave up on it..its just hard to find them...idk about ebay...i heard they have really good fakes there so i wouldnt even consider buying it there.... i have a :idea: just collect tokidokis!
  5. LeSportsac stopped making L.A.M.B. bags in 2004, so unfortunately they are long gone from stores. The only place to find them online now is ebay or livejournal's buy_sell_lamb community. There are some Guides on ebay to help you avoid fake L.A.M.B., read them before deciding if it's worth it. Which bag are you looking for?
  6. who me? lol ..im lookin for the 1st or 2nd season i believe? the black hobo with white letterings? well if i dont find one its ok...cuz i got tokidokis!:graucho: i rather save my money for a foresta nuvola instead...
  7. The black with small white letters print was the first season (super-hard to find, and expensive when you do - unless it's fake) and the black with the large "mega" print letters was the third season. I have 4 mega print bags and have been thinking about selling one to fund more Tokidoki, but I can't pick one that I can bear to part with yet.
  8. ahhh..so you have those bags! :biggrin: ...well i wanted the first season originally because the straps are like guitar straps? I dont think the third season had them...what kind of styles do you have? :biggrin: well let me know if anything.. :biggrin: right now im on a tokidoki rampage...i think my last toki piece will be the foresta nuvola for now if i can find it..ive already spent close to $900 last month alone!
  9. This is funny because in searching for some LAMB for LeSportsac bags is how I found the Tokidoki ones! I was given a red Backstage LAMB bag for my birthday in Summer 2004 by a friend of mine and I've been using it as my everyday bag ever since. About a month ago, I realized that wow...this LeSportsac bag has held up SO WELL, I need another one!

    Honestly, that is a big draw to me for these Tokidoki bags...the fact they are LeSportsac. They hold up from being abused so well and if you Scotchgard them yearly they barely get dirty.

    I actually bought a plain black LeSportsac Classic Hobo for my everyday bag now, and I really do love it. I whip out the Tokidokis for special occasions. :smile:

    Be careful on Ebay with LAMB bags....seriously, 99% are fake. Way more fakes then the Tokidokis. A good way to make sure a LAMB isn't a fake is to ask to see the zipper head. It should have "YKK" on the side of it. I actually got a LAMB bag off Ebay and that's how I realized it was a fake. Luckily, I got my money back.

    Good luck and if you find some real LAMB LeSportsacs....let us know!
  10. Whoa, $900 in one month! Although I don't even want to think about how much I have spent, just spread out over more time. :p

    The L.A.M.B. bags I have are a first season heart wallet (with the guitar strap), from the third season: 4 concert bags (square bag with a long black non-guitar strap - you are right that only the first season had them) in mega red, mega black, mega white, and penmanship, a mega white Girlfriend bag (larger bag than the Concert, also with a long black strap), a Penmanship Tattoo Tote (my favorite!), and a penmanship heart wallet; from the 4th season I have a Donegal ribbon small backstage bag and a lambi cami large backstage bag. I used to have 3 small hella hobo bags too, but I sold them all because they were too small for me.
  11. well i have a rant with my regular lesportsacs...which kinda hestitated me from buying tokidokis in the first place. My regular blue flower messenger bag didnt hold up that great...well the nylon did but not the inside of the inside lining...i gotta take a pic to show you what i mean:hysteric: ..its just messed up...i just hope my tokidokis dont end up like it...:s

    yeah lambs have a lot of fakes not that easy to detect...but with tokidokis its not that hard to detect for now...but man i gotta tell though the fakes are getting better...someone must be working their butts off to make them look real:cursing:
  12. yup...i couldnt believe it myself...but yeah i spent that much! :nuts: wow you got yourself a great collection of lamb bags :biggrin: ...darn i misse dout on the hella hobos lol...i was thinking of getting a smaller bag so it will prevent me from carrying too much stuff! I notice the bigger the bag i carry the more stuff suddenly ends up in there...thats why i never really used my gioco..i just posed around with it at home, putting things to see how it would feel with the weight n all...overall i think my gioco is big..i doubt i'd ever use it!:roflmfao:
  13. Aww what exactly happened to your blue flower messenger bag? I haven't had any problems with any of my LeSportsac bags not holding up well so hopefully that was just a fluke.

    And I am really good at spotting fake L.A.M.B. bags if you need any help with ebay!
  14. sorry..i'll post pics soon...photobucket has been on maintenance for awhile..i couldnt post pics..maybe in a few hours so show you what i mean...

    I'll let you know if i need your help on ebay thanks..right now im laying off evilbay as robotkitten (i think) would say :biggrin:
  15. I am also curious about your blue flower messenger bag. I also have a lot of LeSportsac bags (great for traveling) and have not had any problems.

    As to the LAMB bags, I haven't seen any since they were out at the department stores. My sibling (whom I am currently mad at :cursing:) collects LeSportsac bags, and has almost all the non-guitar strap black with white lettering bags, all new and unused with their tags still on them! I don't know why she doesn't just break one out and use it. I've been trying to get her to use one for ages.