Where to buy lady Dior in Amsterdam?

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  1. Anyone know is there a boutique in Amsterdam? Where can I buy a LD? Thanks!
  2. I suggest visiting the Dior website (www.dior.com) and looking for a boutique in Amsterdam :smile:
  3. I searched but can't find any. I tried google it said they going to open one in feb 14. Anyone know when it going to open?
  4. You can contact Dior customer service at +44 (0)20 7172 01 72. They can tell you more about where it will be located.
  5. Thanks
  6. Jup opening at P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam!!! Straat stands for street. Been waiting too long for this!! Def going to visit when to open!

  7. When is the opening date?
  8. I wish i knew..it doesnt say on the website either..