Where to buy Kooba Sienna?

  1. Hello

    I'm new here and recently saw the NM 4 day sale link with the Kooba Sienna. Unfortunately, it's all sold out. I searched the web but can't find any place that sells it (except for eBay which I'm going to stay away from). Does anyone know where I can buy one?

  2. Are you anywhere near an outlet, like Off Fifth or Nordie's Rack? I just picked up a flower embossed Sienna not two hours ago on their sale table for $274. They had another one there. It was in Ft. Myers, FL...
  3. Thanks. I'm in CA. I think there's one about 30 min from me. Hoping to do this online though. I saw the NM 4 day sale has it, but when I click on it, there's no more. I wonder when it ran out of stock.
  4. Serene...I can guarantee that anything you looked at ran out about 2 seconds before you decided to buy it. All their stuff went FAST!!