where to buy jewelry?

  1. where does everyone buy their not name brand gemstone jewelry? are there particualer chain that offer the best prices? i'm looking for a tanzanite or sapphire necklace (my bf wants to buy me a necklace for my bday). is ebay a good place to buy tanzanite? i assume not because it could be fake or poor quality. are there any reputable online stores?
  2. I make my own.
  3. hmm i have only gotten tanzanite from the jewelry store my family uses i would be a little wary online because you are probably going to get a lighter color which is of poorer quality maybe you should look around for a good quality store in your area maybe family members have suggestions??
  4. How about considering indie designers like Casto Creations of tpf charm fame? :smile:

    She has this sapphire necklace on rubylane.com:

    "Sapphire Stardust" Necklace - CASTO-088

    Also shown are a few other sapphire necklaces (out of many) available for sale on rubylane:

    Juliana Full Sapphire Pear Necklace and Earrings and Bracelet WOW - 1385

    43 Multi~Pink Sapphire Briolette~2 in 1 Gold Fill Necklace~ - multi sapphire brio 2 in 1 nk

    Breathtaking Sapphire and Ribbons Weiss full Parure Necklace Bracelet Earrings - 1544
    Casto Creations sapphire stardust necklace rubylane.jpg Juliana Full Sapphire Pear necklace rubylane.jpg Marie Wu multi pink sapphire rubylane.jpg Weiss sapphire necklace bracelet earrings rubylane.jpg
  5. I never buy jewelry online.
  6. Deena's Jewelry in NYC is fantastic! I got my diamond bracelet from them. It not only appraised at the same quality he sold it as, the appraisal came in 250% higher than I paid. Here's a link from his eBay store with his tanzanite items, but Chuck (owner) has a real brick and mortar building, so you can call him at the store if you have questions.

    eBay Seller: 5th-ave-jewels: tanzanite, Rings, Necklaces Pendants items on eBay.com

    Is this some pretty tanzanite or what?:tender:
  7. Local stores that carry the work of small-run artists. :smile:

    Often, I'll take down the name of the artist that I like and plug their name into Google. Often times, I'll find their web site; if I'm lucky, I'll find out that they've got a distributor who represents similarly appealing artists, or be able to browse newspaper and magazine clippings and find out where my potential jewelry's been (if that's your thing).

    Depending on how much money/time you're willing to put into your necklace, you could also find an artist whose style appeals to you and inquire about having custom work done, or even buy the stones yourself. This way, you're able to ensure the quality of the stones.
  8. Find a good local, family run (non chain) jewelry store and go see their gems in person.
  9. Oh Passerby you are just too sweet. LOL :smile:

    Yes, I do have a sapphire necklace. Tanzanite is one type of stone that I haven't invested in because it's very hard to find QUALITY stones in a bead form. Maybe one of these days. :smile:

    Dior24 - May I ask why you don't buy any jewelry online? Ever? I ask, obviously, because I am working very hard to get my online site out there (my ad budget jumped 1000% this year - I'm so broke now LOL) and do my ever loving best to take photographs that represent my work honestly and accurately.

    I think buying online is something that can be done if as a buyer you are careful, making sure you know what to look for in a reputable buyer. Sometimes I do Better Business Bureau lookups or a Google Search if it's a company I've never worked with before.

    Other times I just go with my gut. And most of the time my gut doesn't lead me astray. :yes: I totally believe in a woman's intuition.
  10. Oh, and I don't know if they are everywhere, but here in Washington State we have a store called "the Shane Company" and I really like them for my precious jewelry. I got my wedding/engagement ring there and my mom bought my pearl earrings and necklace for my wedding there too (before I could make my own). :smile:

    They are a super company...very honest ... sales people don't work on commission. No pressure. :smile:
  11. for gold i buy from india, since asian countries are known to have more gold then the us, so the gold there is more pure, and you get more bang for your buck. jewelry is the one accessory that my family had no problem spending on themselves. i'm lucky to have some pieces from family, though i can never find myself wearing the necklace my grandmother gave me, just too extravagant, if i ever find myself in in a tough spot for money, if i have no where else to go for tuition etc. i can sell it. otherwise i get my sterling silver from whatever store i might fancy a walk into or now tiffany, some of their pieces that have that tiffany flair, that you cannot find in other stores unless its copied, im crazy about. I would never buy a high carot of gold or gem stones online, not that you couldn't but I like to see them in person, try it on etc.
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    What in the world??
  13. http://www.shaneco.com/

    That one? I've never used them, but their website was referred to me once from a friend who's a wedding planner.
  14. Have you looked on Etsy?

    Or blue nile--reputable & good quality. Here are their 3 tanz. pendants:


    Also I'd look for custom jewelers in your area. If you find a style you like online, you can bring the photo to a local jeweler and have them make it, choosing the stone yourself, which is fun. I'd definitely avoid the big chains & mall-type stores.
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