where to buy jeans

  1. Thanks for everyone who respnded to my last thread about how to go about buying my first pair of designer jeans. I live in Charleston, SC. and we have a few shops downtown that carry the nicer jeans, but not all the brands that I've seen mentioned here. Where do you buy them online? And how do you know they will fit?

    -The clueless jeans shopper
  2. www.Nordstroms.com

    I think it depends on your body type but i would have a hard time buying jeans online if I hadn't worn the brand before. With both my Lucky's and Seven's I had to try many pairs on before I found styles, cuts etc... that fit right.
  3. i would really suggest not buying your first pair online because like i said in the other post, they will all fit differently. check out those boutiques and maybe ask about if they know of any other places that carry the brands you are looking for...also, is there not a Saks or Neimans there?
  4. I agree with Ahs. Jeans fit everyone differently. If you have a Nordstrom close by I would go there. Their department T.B.D. carries most of the brands people mentioned. If you really cant get anywhere that has what you want I think citizens of humanity and seven for all mankind are the most universally flattering.
  5. i buy most of my jeans from:
  6. eluxury.com also.
  7. Like some others have mentioned, it's best if you go try on the jeans first. You don't have to buy them there, but you should know which fits, cuts, and fabrics you like first. Once you have that general idea down, the internet will be your denim playground!

    However, if you don't have access to a department store (I think boutiques put too much pressure on you to buy!), I'd recommend using http://www.revolveclothing.com since they offer free shipping and free RETURN shipping. Great denim, selection, too. Find some jeans that you like and then buy them in a couple different sizes and then return the ones that don't fit. Good luck, and have fun!
  8. i also recommend revolve clothing. its free to return and they also have a 30% off first time buyers coupon.
  9. I definitely recommend trying them on. Unless you know a brand you will have trouble. And even knowing a brand I still won't buy jeans online.

    Recently I bought a great pair of jeans at Saks that fit me perfectly. They are Joe's. I hadn't even planned on buying jeans but I was roaming around picking up a few pair here and there to try on. I had picked up some 7's I believe and maybe a couple others and the sales girl saw me and asked if I'd tried Joe's. I said no, and she said she'd bring me a few pair. Well, guess what? They fit great! The ones I picked up didn't fit well at all. One pair practically swallowed me up. She sort of seemed to know they wouldn't fit me right and knew what would fit. So I say try to go to Saks, Nordstrom, Neimans, someplace like that and find a helpful SA who knows their stuff and you'll have a much better time finding ones that fit you right.
  10. I like revolveclothing.com -- fast shipping, easy returns/exchanges, and they usually have discount codes. But I usually only use them to order brands that I already own (so I have a sense of sizing) or that I've tried on in the store. Although, if there's no store near you, you can always just order a few sizes and styles then chose which you like:smile: