Where to buy in Seattle ?

  1. Hey I want to know where can I buy Chloe Edith in Seattle ? Thank you ^^
  2. Nordstrom downtown has a brown one on sale right now.
  3. You could always call Nordstrom's handbag department and ask the sales associate to locate the bag for you and have it shipped right to your front door. They may even still be on sale if you call today!
  4. Talk to Peggy Urban the Desinger Handbags Manager for Nordstrom's Downtown (206) 628-2111 or Rachel Adams the Designer Handbags Manager for Bellevue Square Nordy's (425) 455-5800. Each time, ask for designer bags... and they can do a search or tell you what is in stock. When I was there a few days ago.. there were quite a few styles left at Bellevue. :smile:
  5. If i am not wrong i think Peggy is not the manager of the seattle store , Denise is the the manager of the seattle store
  6. Yes, you are correct... Denise is now the manager. Peggy used to be. I just spoke to Denise today and she can find most anything for you.
  7. Has anyone seen the Bay Tote in Camel in Seattle? Thanks
  8. If you are referring to the Camel colored Quilted Bay like this....

    Then, Yes.. Bellevue Square Nordstrom has two of them. I returned mine today because I'm on the quest for something else (plus I picked up two other things). lol. I hope that helps. Just call Rachel or Jamie or Michael and tell them Sandy sent ya. :smile: