Where to buy in Dallas?

  1. Hello there,

    I was wondering if Barney's in Northpark is the only place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to get Bbags. Thanks!
  2. Barney's in Northpark is the only place I have been, but I am fairly certain that NM downtown carries them, too.
    Maybe some other Dallas - Fort Worth girls will chime in!
    (If you need a rec., I have a GREAT SA at Barney's, PM if you want the name.)
  3. I called the NM in Dallas and they said they didn't carry Balenciaga. The new one in Austin does, though - and it's a beautiful, large display area with lots of Bbags.
  4. Thank you both. I may pm you, Blue Hour Girl, if I ever save up enough money. I have to sell everything I own first!
  5. Yes, please PM me! :smile:
  6. I haven't been to the store, but I just bought my very first b-bag over the phone from the Dallas Barney's, and my SA was just wonderful. They were actually sold out (along with every other store I called), but she found one for me that had just gotten returned and got back to me that afternoon. I'm actually planning to call her and ask her to hunt down another for me, since she was so great with the first one. Can't wait for Barneys to finally open in San Francisco in September!
  7. I saw a couple of Balenciaga bags at NM in Willowbend. They were stored in the display cases. I think they might have been returns from other stores. Since other NM carries Balenciaga, if the one near you doesn't have any, I imagine one can be ordered.
  8. I called Barney's looking for a Marc Jacobs bag, and the male SA I spoke w/ was very helpful. They're out of Bbags now?! Aaack. Oh well, it's probably best since I don't have the money for one yet. I would like to see them in person instead of buying sight unseen - not that brave yet.

  9. They are OUT of Bbags??? No way -- they had a TON! :wtf: Call Big D Barney's and ask for Liza -- she is awesome and really knows her bbags. Maybe the guy was clueless? Let me know what you find out. I think you should go to Barney's and see a few in person, it really makes a huge difference, even if you aren't ready to buy one yet! I just cannot believe they are out of all bbags...... :smile:
  10. Hey there,

    Thanks for the reference. I was quoting kimberf from above - don't know firsthand if they were out of Bbags or not. I'm hoping to make a trip to Barney's soon. I'll see if Liza's there. Many thanks!
  11. Fort Worth NM had one black gh hobo, it was an a model display by the jewelry. That is the only one I've seen there and I don't think they carry them usually unless they are testing the waters for interest with the display.
  12. I def. wasn't the one who said Barneys Dallas is out of Bbags -- they just got me one last week (a more obscure style, though.) I just called them again today for a different one, got a guy, and he was looking through their system for me. Liza is out till tomorrow - she was my SA last week as well. They definitely have Bbags in general, and I found them very helpful in calling around for what you want and getting back to you. The Seattle store was also very nice, though Liza said that they don't actually carry bbags at the Seattle location. It's the 954 phone number (don't remember the rest of it) from the Barneys website.
  13. Clarification: The 954 phone number was for the Dallas store, not Seattle.
  14. My apologies for the misquote. There's something written about the store being out in your first post in this thread. I guess you meant out of the particular Bbag that you wanted and not out of all Bbags. Thanks for the help!
  15. Sorry! Yes, I did mean they were out of the particular bag I wanted. But Liza literally tracked one down for me same day (brown Partition bag.)