Where To Buy HUGE Loose Stones? (Real or CZ)

  1. Hello, ladies (and gents?)!

    I've been DESPERATELY searching for a source on this. I have dreamed of having a truly GIANT cocktail ring made for some time now, and cannot seem to find a stone large enough. I want basically something that looks like the cocktail rings Marc Jacobs designed for Louis Vuitton two years ago. I have found jewelers who say that they can certainly set a stone of the size I want, but nobody seems to have a source for stones large enough.

    I'm looking for a rock in the 80-150 carat range, emerald cut, in a swiss-blue topaz / aquamarine color. The stone should measure between 35-50 mm by 20-30 mm. It could be CZ or real, doesn't matter to me, but since I don't want to pay more than a couple hundred for the stone, I know I'm pretty much just in CZ territory. I would think that it would be easier to find stones this big of this size, but still no luck. Ebay seems to have tons of giant CZs, but they are never emerald cut and NEVER blue! If I could even find a stone the right COLOR, I could always take it to a jeweler and have them cut it down to the right shape. Anyone have any hot tips?

    Thanks a million!
  2. One of my favorite Jewelers, who is kind enough to teach the rest of us lowly jewelry makers, found a supplier with large faceted stones. She may be able to find what you're looking for --- I know she was on vacation in September but she should be back soon.

  3. This guy might be able to help you. He has some beautiful cut stones (he does the cutting himself,), and if he doesn't have the size you want, he might be able to refer you to someone.

    Mt. Lily Gems Home Page