Where to buy Hermes Magazines?

  1. Hi

    where can I buy hermes magazines , the chiness magazines like :
    K Brand N
    Brands off

    Or any other inernational once you know ...

    Can I buy them online ?


  2. You should bear in mind that these are not magazines that are published by Hermes.
  3. eBay has them
  4. Sometimes if you Google you can find people that sell them as well. (as an alternative to eBay)
  5. These are mainly in japanese, not chinese =) most just show the resellers bags in Japan, and they change monthly.
  6. I get them at a bookstore near my house. Love those mags!
  7. ^^ You must be very lucky jehaga!!
  8. I buy mine at the big Japanese grocer, Uwajimaya, near my home.
  9. These magazines are a must have. I have even spotted them at the H store behind the counter. I am sure the SA's use them as reference as well...
  10. ^yes, we saw a well-worn issue when we were at BH Hermes
  11. Jehaga: Do you live in L.A.? Could you tell me which market did you buy the magazine from? Thank you.
  12. The link only sells nail & hair magazines !
  13. Mira, PM me and I'll help you.