Where to buy Hermes bag charms/keyrings?

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
I'm a newbie here and I saw a Snowman and Cat face charms on a girls bag last night when I was at dinner (almost broke my neck trying to look at her bag!) and I decided I needed to start small and work my way up...but I really want that snowman! How much do they cost and does anyone know if H South Coast Plaza has any? I hesitate going in there because the few times I went in there to admire, the SA's scattered like bugs when I wanted to ask a couple of questions...which was a huge mistake for them because at the time I had $20,000.00 bonus check in my checking account and I was wanting to buy a bag or 3!....but for now I would like to buy a pretty scarf and a couple of bag charms.

I know you have a list of reputable sellers on ebay on here, does anyone know if any of them may have any of the charms?



Sep 1, 2006
Oh Donna, I *think* that the snowman charm was an '05 piece....I may be incorrect and it may still be in the boutiques but I got mine last Christmas.

You've been given great advice.....call the stores until you find one or ask a particularly friendly SA if she can locate your choices for you.


Nov 6, 2006
Hi oH dONNA-
I too live in California and have found The Beverly Hills store to be quiet nice. They have a larger inventory and the SA are very helpfull. I would definetly call first to make sure they have what you are looking for, the man who usually answers the phone is always willing to help (I should know I call al the time and ask him a boat load of questions) Hope this info helps!!!!