Where to buy Hermes bag charms/keyrings?

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  1. I'm a newbie here and I saw a Snowman and Cat face charms on a girls bag last night when I was at dinner (almost broke my neck trying to look at her bag!) and I decided I needed to start small and work my way up...but I really want that snowman! How much do they cost and does anyone know if H South Coast Plaza has any? I hesitate going in there because the few times I went in there to admire, the SA's scattered like bugs when I wanted to ask a couple of questions...which was a huge mistake for them because at the time I had $20,000.00 bonus check in my checking account and I was wanting to buy a bag or 3!....but for now I would like to buy a pretty scarf and a couple of bag charms.

    I know you have a list of reputable sellers on ebay on here, does anyone know if any of them may have any of the charms?

  2. If you don't want to go into the store to ask, why don't you just call? You can find the number on the Hermes.com website.
  3. Oh Donna, I *think* that the snowman charm was an '05 piece....I may be incorrect and it may still be in the boutiques but I got mine last Christmas.

    You've been given great advice.....call the stores until you find one or ask a particularly friendly SA if she can locate your choices for you.
  4. How much do the leather keychains usually cost? Donna, you mgiht want to check out SCP before you move here...we're sadly lacking in H stores here
  5. Hi oH dONNA-
    I too live in California and have found The Beverly Hills store to be quiet nice. They have a larger inventory and the SA are very helpfull. I would definetly call first to make sure they have what you are looking for, the man who usually answers the phone is always willing to help (I should know I call al the time and ask him a boat load of questions) Hope this info helps!!!!
  6. Thanks everyone!
    And thank you shoegal! I'll give them a call!
  7. Donna, I have the cow and the panda and they are really kew.

    Here is the link:
    trama_turgo/H charms - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I'd too love to have the snowman, in case you find a source where they have more than one, please let me know.