Where to buy heart purse

  1. Where can I buy the vernis heart purse? (look on LV.com if you don't know what I mean) I'm going to Paris in 2 weeks, does Bon Marche have them? or the boutique/s? How much are they going for? Thank you in advance for any info you have! Does anyone have one? What do you think of them? I think they'e sooo cute. :heart:
  2. call the 866 number and they will send one out for you. My sister just purchased hers yesterday! Good luck!
  3. you can purchase them on vuitton.com if they are available or in the lv stores. you should call 866 they are limited and a lot of people are waitlisted. good luck.
  4. yup vuitton.com has them online! i was debating it but decided id get much more use out of the pochette
  5. i wish i lived in uk! vuitton.com has no waitlist!
  6. LV UK website has it, its £175 plus £10 P+P.

    not sure abt price in paris but in two weeks time paris may have ran out of stock.

    good luck. also dun be fooled by the LV UK website. u can purchase the heart purse even though it said out of stock. just be quick on your mouse. click the color u want and quickly click on 'purchase' before it changes to 'out of stock'.

    i purchased my flat pouch though it said out of stock.
  7. Yes. I agree..I placed order on LV UK website..when it is out of stock..and both heart purse and flat pouch in red are still in stock..i've just checked..when u click..u have to click very quickly..again and again and again...very quick..it's fun..like playing game online..lol..
  8. It will be available from february first ;)
  9. HAHAHAHAHAH that's really funny.