Where to buy Hayden Harnett?

  1. Online if you're from Europe like me? And do they only have stores in the US?
    I really like their bags :p
    Excuse me for being such a noobie *blush*
  2. Yes, on line is your only option either through their website OR there are sites like Luna Boston and Active Endeavours that sells some of their inventory, but I do not know for certain IF they ship abroad.
    Hayden Harnett does have one retail location in Brooklyn, NY.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Which style are you looking for? I'm not sure if Luna Boston or other retailers ship internationally but I'll let you know if I find out.
  4. The Hayden Harnett website does ship internationally as does Active Endeavors. You can order directly from their website. Luna Boston will also ship internationally but you can't do it directly from their website. You have to call their customer service and order over the phone. HTH!
  5. Luna Boston is the best. I was just there over the weekend and the SA that was there was really really nice. I was there for a while trying on Anna Corinna City Totes and HH bags!

    Good Luck!
  6. Thanks! I will try Luna out I think. I fell in love with the Havana Hobo in the eggplant color :love:, but any shade purple they have is just :drool:
  7. Since you are buying full price - you might want to look into discount codes (to offset shipping)..

    Luna boston had 25% off in September with luckybreaks3 .. I don't if they will still honor it - or if there is a new one around.

    Hayden Harnett of course as 15% off with ROCK2007 - and active endeavors also had 25% off in September (I think - maybe it is extended..) but don't know the code off hand..

    Good luck with your purchase. Hope that you love it.
  8. treesgreen: wow thanks, I had no idea there were discount codes:yahoo:How and where do I find them later if I want to purchase something, let's say in november too? Or maybe they only have them for now?
  9. Re: Luna Boston, I believe the lucky code is no longer in effect but that 'grechen' will still work for 20%

  10. You are amazing citychris...I have been saving for a AC City Tote and with this code I can get it today because the 20% will save me money!!!


  11. People tend to post them deals and steals sub-forum. Usually doing a search of the company you want to buy from will usually bring up the pertinent thread. If not - you could always try posting to see if anyone knows one.

    Discount codes are a big thing with internet shopping. I usually google "company coupon / discount code " before buying from any site. About 50% of the time something comes up (maybe a bit less that 50% but worth the 5 mins search)!
  12. No problem, but it really didn't require much effort. Luna Boston has had this code for months (if not years) and I believe it has worked well for them. I just doublechecked grechenscloset.com and the code is still there (as well as codes for other sites).