Where to buy Giambattista Valli Shoes???


Sep 1, 2008
hey there everyone.
i don know how often i posted this question on different forums but i still haven got an answer & by now im gettin desperate.

i absolutely wanna buy the giambattista valli victoria shoes ( im sure you know them as many celebrities wear them in many different styles)...

but i just cant find them.
ive even been to paris where i got a list of shops which were said to sell them but i didn get them there.
so pleaaase can anyone tell me where i can buy giambattista valli shoes? online or anywhere else?

thank you... best, valentina
Apr 14, 2008
I think you may have waited to long, when these shoes came out they were very hot, and in demand. They became available in Feb 2008. Your chances of getting them online are slim. I tried them on at Barney's once, and they are very sexy, and high, but don't fit into my everyday life, and I would look crazy walking around St. Louis in them. I think your only resort is ebay.
Best of luck, and give us an update if you ever find them!!

P.S. I checked ebay for you, and they only had 8 shoes up for auction, none of the ones you want, but there was a subdued version he's doing for fall 2008