Where to buy Fendi Spys

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  1. Hey! Brand new here! I've just brought a fendi spy bag from Forwarding Entry.jsp and I was just wondering where else I can order authentic Fendi Spys from. And what places I shouldn't trust.Thanks!
  2. Eluxury, Saks, Neiman and Styledrops are all good choices. I've heard recs for Jomashop as well so you might wanna give them a try.

    Bluefly is another one, although I will exercise HEAVY caution when buying from there. There have been stories of fakes from there, but also some very good stories of authentics. It's quite a luck thing with them, I think.
  3. thanks! what about designer imports?
  4. Welcome, blackmamba10000.:smile:

    They sell fakes. Stay away. Very far away.
  5. thanks guys! hoping to get my brand new fendi from saks tomorrow in the post!!!
  6. Has anyone ever heard of goelegant.com?
  7. bloomingdales also sell fendi..not online but in the stores
  8. I'm also really really interested in getting one of those spy hobo bags!!! Can anyone please tell me who has them in stock!
  9. If you have authenticity questions, post them in the Authenticate This! thread that is stickied above. That way someone can get to it faster (cos they don't have to sieve through so many threads) :P
  10. does any one know anything about goelegant.com?
  11. ^ Don't know about that website. But if you're looking for a spy hobo, I've seen a few in Bloomingdales recently.
  12. thanks! may stop by and a have a look.
  13. Discount designers seem to have good prices does anybody know if they are original Fendi's?