Where to buy Erno Lazlo?

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  1. A while back, I got some Erno Lazlo products as a gift, & I really like them. I'm almost out & I have no idea where they sell them in Canada. Anyone know?
  2. The only place I have ever seen Erno Lazlo is Saks Fifth Avenue.
  3. is it not available at Holts anymore?

    Quite honestly, Lazlo (which I used to use) is not considered one of the better brands anymore. They went through so many sales and transitions that it's not what it once was.
  4. Hi,

    There's a new store in Yorkville (Toronto) under the Four Seaons hotel that sells Erno Lazlo products and a bunch of designer purses and handbags, and also fragrances - I guilted my bf into buying me some Susanne Lang perfume there on the weekend!

    I emailed the company last week to find out where to buy and they pointed me there. I think they've just opened.

  5. Is that skincare? I have heard the name, let me know what you have tried and what kind of skin you have, will ya? Just curious.;)
  6. BG carries it as well.
  7. try Neiman Marcus and Saks fifth