where to buy ebel watch online?

  1. i dont think i've ever seen it in any jewelry store near by. soooooo, i guess i am going to have to buy online.
    any suggestion as to where?
  2. I purchased mine from ebay. It was brand new with the diamonds as markers. I can't remember the name of the style. I paid $600 and it lists for $1,800. The only problem is that Ebel is very snobby about servicing the watch if you purchase it from anyone that isn't an authorized dealer. They do not sell online. The watch also is extremely tricky to service. Only the best watchmakers know how to change the battery. My watchmaker explained it to me, but I can't remember why it is so difficult. The ebel website can tell you the retailers that sell their watches, and you could have them send it to you? Good luck. I just love mine!